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Be the change you want to see with LinkPower.
What is LinkPower about ?
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LinkPower strategically coordinates the most impactful volunteering activities needed by your community. Such activities include:

  • Cleaning beaches, lakes, parks and streets
  • Classifying and sifting trash for recycling purposes
  • Renovating roads, highways and bridges
  • Painting old hospitals and playgrounds
  • Providing education to minorities in rural areas and orphans
  • Spending time with elders in nursing homes
  • Planting trees


LinkPower also creates an invaluable opportunity for experts from different countries to collaborate and bypass traditional red-tape and just “get it done!”

City Builder
LinkPower will grow everyday citizens into motivated lifelong-learning “CityBuilders”!
LinkPower provides access to cultural, educational and transportation services in exchange for action and kindness. Providing such assets creates a positive feedback loop - a virtuous cycle: Access to quality learning and transportation makes citizens smarter CityBuilders; this in turn helps shape smarter cities; smarter cities increase the standard quality of life; a better quality of life increases an individual’s self-worth, self-efficacy and self-regulation; self-efficacy and self-regulation allows CityBuilders further access to intrinsically motivated, meaningful learning and personal growth; personal growth leads to purposeful action and immediate communal impact. True identity begins to form, for both the citizen and their city.

Key characteristics for building smarter cities
LinkPower maintains a Dynamic Index that can qualify and quantify time, effort, kindness and goodwill based on the communal impacts of a given action vis-a-vis both its local and global environmental need, valuing rendered needed action as equity - or, tangible meritocracy.
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Value for each and every stakeholder
Together, we can already celebrate our efforts and the tangible achievements that no money can buy! To make things slightly more attractive though, LinkPower also rewards participants for their time contributions and the competences exchanged. It does this by providing educational, cultural and transportation service rewards, only to name a few.
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