Camille Huyen is the artist name of Camille Huyền Tôn Nữ, born in Hue, now living in Switzerland.

An encounter with the painter Trinh Cung in Switzerland introduced Camille to painting. Trinh Cung gave Camille her first painting lesson, and his encouraging comments are highly appreciated. In the year 2000 Camille met the painter Vinh Phoi, professor at the university Hue of Fine Arts. This encounter has helped Camille a great deal in her creativity. In his atelier Camille learned from Vinh Phoi passion and spontaneity in using lines and colors.

Since then, Camille has taught herself with books, with museum visits and especially with hard work. Camille was invited to exhibit her oil paintings several times in France and Switzerland.

In 1986 Camille Huyen started singing in the dance-hall restaurants and concerts in Paris while a student and continued this activity after completing her studies. Since 1996 Camille has been living in Switzerland and has participated in the musical recitals organized by the Vietnamese communities in France, Germany, Italy and Switzerland for benevolent purposes.

Camille's first album “Huyen Cam”, released 2004, was homage to her native town of Hue, performing the lyrical songs of Khuc Duong, a musician from Hue. Khuc Duong composed the songs based on the poems of the nationally well-known poets Han Mac Tu, Bich Khe, Van Cao, Quang Dung and the Hue poets Nguyen Phuoc, Do Hong Ngoc, Le Van Ngan, Le Ngoc Thuan, Khuc Duong.

Since 2004 Camille has been learning classical guitar with Walther Giger, the guitarist and composer of the Orches Trio Zurich. Camille and Orches Trio have just recorded the CD album Cung Tien Art Songs of the Vietnamese composer Cung Tien. The songs’ lyrics of the CD album were written by poets of the modern Vietnamese poetry Xuân Diệu, Quang Dũng, Thanh Tâm Tuyền, Phạm Thiên Thư, Trần Dạ Từ, Nguyễn Tường Giang and Cung Tiến. The exception is the ancient Chinese poem Hoàng Hạc Lâu of the Chinese poet Thôi Hiệu (died 754), which was translated into Vietnamese lyrics by the poet Vũ Hoàng Chương in 1976.

Walther Giger wrote the arrangements of all Cung Tiến’s art songs on this album for violin, double bass and guitar. The CD album Cung Tien Art Songs will be released in November 2007. OrchesTrio and Camille Huyen have been invited to perform at the Hue Music Festival in June 2008, with the Cung Tien Art Songs in the main program.

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