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Power in Unity: A Meritocracy Community System

LinkPower smartly offers a platform that can cultivate a new breed of collaboration and spawning a new form of Resilient Assisted-Collective-Intelligence (RACIne7)

With these collective and collaborative perspectives fresh in mind, LinkPower offers cities everywhere an intuitive platform that can generate, coordinate and evaluate impactful connections – build powerful links.

LinkPower is a unique Value Exchange System that can index a meaningful combination of human and material capital including time, effort, kindness, impacts, needs and assets. Citizens are enabled to be the change they wish to see in their communities and thus by definition, change the world.

LinkPower crafted a unique Index that can dynamically measure and assign equity variance based on CityBuilder actions and impacts. This index is composed of sixteen overarching criteria that were constructed following extensive research on Smart and Sustainable cities. Whether you are a Resilient Capital, a Heritage City or a Creative Rural Zone, LinkPower will naturally build a rich dataset that portrays a vivid image that is truly representative of any given city.

City - Community Builder
LinkPower will become the most viral activity.

Key characteristics for building smarter cities
LinkPower maintains a Dynamic Index that can qualify and quantify time, effort, kindness and goodwill based on the communal impacts of a given action vis-a-vis both its local and global environmental need, valuing rendered needed action as equity - or, tangible meritocracy.
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Value for each and every stakeholder
Together, we can already celebrate our efforts and the tangible achievements that no money can buy! To make things slightly more attractive though, LinkPower also rewards participants for their time contributions and the competences exchanged. It does this by providing educational, cultural and transportation service rewards, only to name a few.
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